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Resource Links for Seniors

Rancho Cordova Promise Application for Folsom Lake students who have a Rancho Cordova address

This is an extremely simple application to hopefully get free money, if you are attending Folsom Lake Coege.  

Career Technical Education at Los Rios

Are you looking for job training to get into a career where you can make more than minimum wage?  Check out the different Career Education certificates offered by Los Rios.  The colleges in Los Rios are: Folsom Lake College, American River College, Sacramento City College and Consumnes River College.  

California Dream Act Application

This application is for students who do not have permanent social security numbers to qualify for financial aid for college expenses.

FSA ID Video

 Federal Application for Student Aid ID to complete your application.  Your parents also need to go to this link to create an ID as well.  (Only 1 parent)

FAFSA Tutorial Video

Hopefully, this video will answer questions you may have about completing the FAFSA.   Please log in to California Colleges to start your application.

Fastweb Grants and Scholarships link

This is a link to a website that has many grant and scholarship opportunities listed.  For Seniors to complete during their last year of HS.  Students can also apply for scholarships given out by Kinney HS, by completing the scholarhip application attached to the graduation paperwork. 

Los Rios Community College Financial Aid Resources

This is a comprehensive resource for students who want financial aid information created by the Los Rios Community College District.

This page has the promise program applications and the institution codes that are needed for the FAFSA.

Types of Financial Aid

This is a video that explains the different types of financial aid.